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Currently there are four branches of articles, all topics will be covered by one contributor at this point, all topics will only be those of which I have personal knowledge. If there is an article here, it is something I have done or participated in enough to have a decent understanding.

Occasionally you will see references to other sites, mainly because the main way I learned how to perform many of these tasks is due to research on the internet and I want to give every contributor to my understanding credit for thier efforts.

On the pages you find here, instructions will be presented in a simple manner, and intially only one technical writer will be contributing as my purpose is to provide explanation in a way that is clear people to follow and not hindered by technical information that isn't essential to the task.

Eventually I will establish a rating system whereby readers can vote and provide comments as to what they liked or didn't like so that the structure can be changed to enable a better understanding of the topics.



As the digital world becomes a larger part of our lives, it is important to understand how to utilize the tools that we are provided to make our lives less complicated.

herein lies a major concern for most people. I have provided technical support for many years and although I do not have the answer for everything, I do have a pretty deep knowledge of many things related to the world of computers. More importantly I have learned how to use the free resources available to strengthen my knowledge. I hope to pass this on to you the reader.


I am an avid automotive fan, my first vehicle was a 1964 VW Beetle. I had to learn to work on that car as I had no other way to stay mobile. I found that in most cases it was a stress reliever for me to spend time working on my vehicle as I could get lost for hours depending on the project. The articles in this section will have pictures to detail what repairs I feel are useful for others to know.

Home Repair

I grew up with a father who did a lot of our own home repairs and learned how to do many tasks needed on my own. I have spent many hours helping others fix things around the house. One major thing to note is it is just as important to know when a job is out of your comfort level, and who to contact so you don't get in over your head.


I have done some repair in low voltage electronics and will dedicate some space to the basics. Mainly this will be related to simple testing and repair.


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